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On arriving there, she was so pleased with it, that she stepped into it, leaving to the mercy of the sea her canoe, which was never seen again.1 Thus Hina-i-fa‘auru-va‘a became Hina-i-aa-i-te-marama (Hina-who-stepped-into-the-moon), as in the moon she ever afterwards remained, though she did not cease to be in sympathy with her brother in his travels on earth and to do good to man.She watched over travelers at night, an office that caused her to be called Hina-nui-te-araara (Great-Hina-the watchwoman).On one occasion when Hina was up in the banyan tree, she broke off with her foot a branch for its bark; and as she did so with great force, it fell out into space and ultimately arrived at Opoa, Ra‘iatea, where it struck root and was the first tree of its kind ever seen in this world.

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Behind was Te-ao-tea-roa, before was the vast ocean! And thus Ru sang: "I am drawing, drawing [thee] to land, Te-apori, O Te-apori!Ru and Hina Explore the Earth Ru (Transplanter), who raised the sky from the earth, prepared his canoe, Te-apori (The-hull), to circumnavigate the earth with his sister Hina-fa‘auru-va‘a (Hina-the-canoe-pilot).As Ru prepared his canoe, he looked around and observed the appearance of the world, and he marked the boundaries in rotation as follows: The east he called Te-hitia-o-te-ra (The-rising-of-the-sun); The west Tetooa-o-te-ra (The-setting-of-the-sun); The south Apato‘a; The north Apato‘erau; The southeast Hitia-i-to‘a; The northeast Hitia-i-to‘erau; The southwest he named Tooa-i-to‘a; The northwest Tooa-i-to‘erau.I am drawing, drawing [thee] to land, Now hold steadily on to Taha‘a." Then cried his sister, Hina Upon on the foaming waves, "O Ru! " "It is Taha‘a, let its watchword be, Great Taha‘a of the peaceful sky." Ru continued to sing: "I am drawing, drawing to land, Te-apori, O Te-apori! " "It is Havai‘i, let its watchword be, Havai‘i that towers exceeding in glory, Great Havai‘i when enraged in its beauty!I am drawing [thee] to land, Now hold steadily on to Havai‘i [Ra‘iatea]." Then cried his sister Hina, Upon the foaming waves: "O Ru! " The thrush looks seaward into the sky; Riding upon the surf of ‘Arei [in Huahine], The dear albatross will be left behind!

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