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Leo then decides that it is time for him to leave the Planet of the Apes, so he gives Pericles to Ari, with her promising to look after him, also saying farewell to Daena.

Leo climbs aboard Pericles’s undamaged pod and uses it to travel back in time through the same electromagnetic storm. He looks up at the Memorial, and sees it is now a monument in honor of General Thade.

Seeing that Thade is in the pilot’s deck, Leo closes the automatic door of the entrance, trapping Thade as he shoots the gun, the bullets ricocheting off the door harmlessly.

Thade thrashes around to escape, but after all attempts to do so fail, he finally gives up.

We all make mistakes, and this one was was Tim Burton’s.

There was no reason to remake what was (and is) a classic film.

The series follows the main character, Ted Mosby, and his group of friends in New York City's Manhattan.Pericles was pushed forward in time as Leo was, and had just now found his way to the planet.When Pericles lands, the apes interpret his landing as the return arrival of Semos, the first ape, who is their god.In the present, a battle ensues between the humans and the apes.A familiar vehicle descends from the sky and is identified immediately by Leo as the pod piloted by Pericles, the chimpanzee astronaut.

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